Ken Botte is a German Born artist from the Rhein-Pfalz City of Kaiserslautern. Raised and living in New York City he was first influenced by his Artist mother and Musician father, Friederika and Jerry Botte.

As a young man he was instructed in Fine Art & Print Making by Staten Island Artists Fran Romano and Naomi Lonergan. In the 1980's he studied Fine Arts Painting & Sculpture at the Prestigious School of Visual Arts.

He studied under Painters John Perretti, Leigh Benke, Judith Linhares and Sculptor Joel Perlman. Returning to SVA in 2001-2002 studying briefly with Painters James E. Van Patten, Ellsworth Ausby and Artist Shirley Irons.

While attending SVA in the mid 1980's Ken showed through out NYC where he and his classmates, including Artists Jim Jonke and Jim McKenny , were active in the Neo-Abstract-X Movement. Ken went on to form "VVG" an online gallery andá "The Blue Collar Picasso Group" an undergroundá traveling gallery showing in NYC basements and boiler rooms.

Ken credits life experience most as his inspiration today. SVA, hitching Europe, painting on the Berlin Wall, fronting for Punk Bands "XXY" with Photographer Chris R.Ianacci and "SAW SAW" doing gigs at NYC clubs like CBGB's and the Lismar Lounge, Writing and performing urban comedy skits for producer Jim Jonke on SICTV's variety show "The Blah Show." Making B horror films with horror writers Nick Cato and Anthony Amplo.

In 1986 Ken began working with Club Owner/ Designer Steve Cattone and Musician Steve Augeri. Turning an old funeral home, motorcycle garage and parking lot into the indoor/outdoor performance area to "The REDSPOT" dance club. Living above the club, Ken helped construct Cattone's designs for Sculptures, Floor Mosaics, Mobiles, Wall Murals and a fully working Bar made of a real 1959 Cadillac.

The Redspot was Ken's home, studio and fun-house. He dabbled in window display, news paper ad art, sign painting, bar tending, now involved in building operations and management for the past 15 years.

Ken continues to create art ... Recently ken and his long time life partner Karen created their greatest work of art, their baby daughter Jaden.Ken's paintings incorporate acrylics, oils, photo images, found objects and a multitude of mixed media primarily on canvas.

Emotionally and sometimes politically driven he allows himself a wide range of experimentation in his search of personal and artistic growth. We should all learn to live and simply let it be. Love, Love, Love. He includes all names mentioned as a Thank You to his friends and encourages you to visit their web sites.