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Playboy Santana -" Yo, Das Gates war Slammin', wunderbar "

Central Park, NYC -People from all over the world have come Central Park to see Artists, Cristo and Jeanne-Caude's

landscape piece named "the Gates 1979-2005". They stretched 7500 Tibetan Monk Orange gates for 23 miles of walkway. Representing the Blue Collar Picasso Group, news correspondent Luis Playboy Santana set out to see what all the fuss was about. He was impressed with the amount of people that where there from all parts. They came from Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa and New Jersey.

Ken Botte came out 7 o'clock in the morning to take photos in 6 inches of snow. Santana said, "I can't believe people can live in New York, even as close as two blocks away from this and not come to see them. It's history, man, history and I didn't even see no pigeons". He was referring to last years BCPG's failure. After Mayor Bloomberg refused to OK "the Cakes 1999-2004". The BCPG had one night illegally erected their own landscape piece, In the morning no one got to see them, "the Cakes 1999-2004" 22 miles of angel food, were all eaten by hungry NYC pigeons by dawn. Authorities were ready to arrest the BCPG Artists, but instead spent the morning rolling pigeons off the pathway for the a.m. joggers. The Mayor called it a waste of time and money. The BCPG called it art. Santana stopped and asked Passing New Yorkers if they remembered the beloved works of art "the Cakes 1999-2004". Sadly they most answered " Cakes, What F@#king Cakes"?