Blue Collar Picasso News


Malaga, Spain; - Thank modern science everyone. An unfortunate accident at the Paris Cryogenic Institute turned up to be the biggest surprise of the new millennium. A night porter unknowingly unplugged a storage chamber when he used an outlet for his floor buffer machine. The chamber belonged to, Father of Cubism and Modern Art, Pablo Picasso. He was unfrozen from his 32 years of Cryogenic slumber awaking to doctors in disbelief. His first words were,"Je dois pisser. Donnez-moi damne cigaret!"

The 122 year old artist was thawed Tuesday Night, rested with young nurses and therapists for a few sleepless nights. Wishing to get out and about. He strolled the streets of Paris, over the weekend he was transported to his birth town of Malaga, Spain. There he ate piaya, drank wine and spoke of his Icy dreams to friends, fellow artists and the press. Doctors say that Piacsso's visit will be short. He will be refrozen to insure that he stays fresh for his next visit in the year 2883, when he will be 1000.

Ken Botte rubs Picasso's shoulders. Picasso was heared saying, "Homme, il a embrasse le froid l'interieur l. Mes epaules n'etaient jamais si raides. Plus dur, chienne, plus dur."